Tree to bar chocolate

Charley’s is unique in Australia (and rare in the world) as a “Cocoa Tree to Chocolate Bar” manufacturer, thus taking the “paddock to plate” concept to its ultimate form. Due to the climate requirements of cocoa trees, “Tree to Bar” makers can only operate within about 15° of the equator. In other words, in tropical regions. Making “Tree to Bar” chocolate is a complex series of processes with a total of 13 separate steps. 

“Single origin” indicates the beans are grown in one specific area, estate or farm. It has a distinctive taste showcasing the unique flavours of that location. The microclimate - the soil, the topography and the weather – sculpt the flavours of that specific batch of beans. Single origin chocolate is richer, more natural and undeniably ‘special’.

At Charley’s, all our chocolate is single origin bean to bar or the even rarer tree to bar. Shop our Premium Single Origin tree to bar range now! 


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