Ask Charley

Do you have a question about our cocoa plantation, chocolate, Charley’s people or anything at all?  Maybe you’d like to know more about chocolate in general, eco-tourism or the gruelling awards process? Please submit your queries and we’ll get back to you!  Here are some of the inspiring questions we receive regularly.

Question: Is all your chocolate Australian grown?

Charley’s: All our Charley’s tree to bar products and some Charley’s single origin chocolate are made from Australian grown cocoa beans. Our other Charley’s chocolate is Australian made using imported beans. Charley’s Australian Origins range includes tree to bar and bean to bar products. Our own plantation and the cocoa source of our tree to bar range is located at Mt Edna in Mission Beach. Our bean to bar Australian sources are Shannonvale northwest of Port Douglas and the Tully River Valley. We also import cocoa beans from Papua New Guinea.

Question: How much cocoa do you use in your chocolate?

Charley’s: To make the absolute best dark chocolate, it’s essential to begin with the highest quality cocoa beans and then use the best and most natural process possible. Charley's Dark Chocolate is 70 per cent cocoa and is handcrafted on site in Mission Beach from cocoa bean to chocolate bar or directly from our own trees’ cocoa pod through to the chocolate bar. Charley’s Milk Chocolate contains 52 per cent and 60 per cent cocoa depending on the Charley’s product and Australian full cream milk.

​Question: How did Charley’s get its name?

This is our most frequently asked question! The name comes from a book by a famous American author written about his dog! We reveal why we chose this name on our chocolate tour!