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Charley’s chocolate tour is unique in Australia and one of only a few places in the world where you can experience the fascinating journey from cocoa tree to chocolate bar all in the one location.

On the tour you’ll hear about the fascinating 3,800 year history of cocoa starting with the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica.

We visit the cocoa tree nursery to see how Charley’s journey began and of course the cocoa plantation itself. Here you’ll see the tiny orchid like flowers where chocolate starts its transition to become a ripe cocoa pod. At Charley’s we grow our cocoa on trellis and we’ll explain why we do this and how it’s a world first for Australia.

You’ll see a cocoa pod being opened and have the chance to taste the cocoa fruit.

You can take part in the cocoa bean cracking and winnowing steps and get to taste the cacao nibs before experiencing the final stages of conching and tempering as the chocolate becomes a finished chocolate bar.

The highpoint of the tour is the chocolate tasting! Here we feature our multi award winning Australian grown and made premium single origin chocolate. There are dark and milk varieties to suit every palate.