Our regular tours provide immediate feedback. Here are some visitor comments.  

  • "Knocks the other chocolate factories we've been to out of the park! Very inspiring."  

  • "One of the most informative tours I've been on (worldwide). Very fascinating and authentic"    

  • "Your passion shines through."    

  • "Yummy"  

  • "Really liked the kids being able to see/learn where our food comes from." 

 And here’s just a small selection of the TripAdvisor reviews that guests have kindly given us over the last few years.

The ultimate chocolate bar experience

When you have had enough of the beach, book yourself on a 'taste treat' tour and head to Charley’s chocolate tour. The tour includes seeing cocoa trees with cocoa pods that provide the base for Charley's award winning chocolates as well as hearing the story of how chocolate became the delicious treat it is today and having the chance to sample chocolate made on site. While the younger members of the family may be more interested in the tasting part of the tour, the owners have also designed activities to pique their interest also as well as including a delicious lunch of the best burgers ever. The presentation is informative and the taste testing superb and would highly recommend this as a 'must do' on your Mission Beach experience.

Charley's delicious chocolate tour

This was a fascinating story of how this business grew and how it is growing today. It's all about chocolate–its history and right up to today as well. It is absolute farming for real and what they are doing is innovative farming and they are getting great results for all their hard work. Ohhhhh and then the chocolate tasting - we got plenty and it was really nice. It was quite a hot and humid day–but it is tropical far north Queensland and they have just had a couple of metres of rain in the past couple of weeks, so you wouldn't expect anything else. The friendliness of everyone was also great. We really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend this tour.

  • Annette, February 2019 Cairns, Australia

Great tour!

Booked this at the last minute and turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip to Mission Beach. Very interesting learning about the farm to bar production process and seeing and tasting chocolate from end to end. It’s a small operation so don’t expect a slick polished factory which is part of the charm. Definitely worth a visit.

  • Hayden R, December 2019 Brunswick East, Australia

Fabulous tour!

Loved learning about the cocoa industry in Australia and the process of making cocoa and chocolate. We were able to taste so much chocolate and it was all delicious! They were also able to cater to our gluten free needs for lunch; just let them know in advance when booking the tour. Definitely recommend going on this tour when you’re in the area. I have a much greater appreciation for chocolate now and I don’t think I could ever go back to the mass produced commercial brands!

I now love chocolate even more!

What a great way to spend a morning. Learned a heap about chocolate and enjoyed looking around a working farm. Really enjoyed the visit and the chocolate is just divine.

Fantastic tour

We thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Learned so much about the history of chocolate. Enjoyed walking among the plants, touching and tasting chocolate at all stages of the process. Thank you for catering for dietary requirements. An absolute must if you are visiting the area.

Super interesting and delicious!

We booked onto the tour last Sunday and were treated to a warm welcome and super interesting tour. Starting with the history of Charley's chocolate and then moving onto the actual history of chocolate (I hadn't realised the half of it so it was really interesting). We then had a tour around the site seeing the new cocoa trees and learning how they grow, where they come from and the challenges the farm faces, and then onto the main cropping fields. It's great to hear how they cope with the challenges of cyclones and actually harvesting and I won't go into anymore as I don't want to ruin the tour. The chocolate tasting is a revelation in chocolate–so diverse and we are now converts to single origin chocolate! The lunch was delicious and rounded off the tour perfectly. It was a great tour and one we all enjoyed. Being only a couple of hours, it was perfect for us to combine with other local activities.

  • Hannah, July 2017 Weymouth, United Kingdom