Over the organisation’s short life span Charley’s has been recognised with multiple prestigious national and global awards.  We make awesome chocolate!


These awards underline our commitment to ethically and sustainably creating the world's finest premium chcocolate.  These awards resonate with the values that guide our journey:

                - Australian Excellence: From bean to bar, we celebrate our heritage by crafting chocolate with premium                           Australian ingredients. Our medals at the Royal Sydney Show and Fine Food Awards tell the story of this                           unwavering pursuit.

                 - Global Recognition: Beyond our shores, our commitment to exceptional cocoa has been honored by the                        prestigious Cocoa of Excellence program in Paris. This international accolade whispers of the delicate                              ewcosystem we nurture and the exquisite flavors it yields.

                 - Respecting People: From our dedicated team to our cherished partners, every human hand that touches                        our journey deserves recognition. 

                 - Guardians of Paradise: Every action we take echoes in the majestic World Heritage landscape that                                    surrounds us. We cultivate not just chocolate, but a legacy of conservation.


Australian Awards 

These include Charley's was awarded the overall trophy for the Best Chocolate Bar in in Australia at the Australian Fine Food Awards in 2016.


Other awards include Silver and Bronze medals at the Australian Fine Food Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018.
Charley’s received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at the Sydney Royal show in 2018.

We're proud to be Australian!

In October 2017 we achieved elite global status when the international Cocoa Of Excellence program at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris judged Charley’s Mount Edna cocoa as one of the world’s 18 finest.

International awards

The gruelling Cocoa of Excellence program is often described as the cocoa ‘Olympics’. Prior to the bi-annual Paris Salon and using a format of extensive and rigorous qualifying and competition events, the world’s finest cocoas are selected from amongst a field of thousands from the 40 producing countries. These shortlisted samples are then submitted and a panel of international judges over a period of six months carefully test, taste and score each one against a complex flavour wheel.

Winning this ultimate award puts Charley’s and Australian grown cocoa on the world chocolate map. 2019 saw Charley’s once again recognised at this prestigious event. High praise given there are approximately five million cocoa growers globally. 

We are up there with the best in the world! 

So what do awards really mean? 

Awards are great because they are a competitive process and entries are measured against a known set of criteria.  

What really matters though is the joy we can bring to you with our chocolate.  Discover Charley’s chocolate for yourself, join one of our tours, visit one of our retail partners, explore our online shop or visit our farm shop.  

You have to taste Charley’s chocolate!