Charley's Chocolate Factory is Australia's most highly awarded Chocolate Maker. Our range includes plain Single Origin Dark and Milk Chocolate from Australia and Pacific Islands as well as our PLUS range of "Inclusions"

From the very first day we started we had only one goal, to make the best possible chocolate we could.  Not surprisingly, to make the very best Dark Chocolate, you have to start with the highest quality cocoa beans and then use the best, most natural process possible. Charley's Premium Single Origin Chocolate is handcrafted only from "Bean to Bar" or even better from "Tree to Bar" on site in Mission Beach, Tropical North Queensland. We use only traditional granite stone conches in a slow labour intensive batch process. The end result is well worth it, it's awesome chocolate. 

The judges at numerous prestigious Australian and Intentional chocolate awards agreed.  Charley's has been awarded many Bronze, Silver and Gold medals as well as the overall trophy for the best chocolate bar in Australia at the Australian Fine Food Awards. (The AFFA's are Australia's premier Fine Food awards which makes our wins especially meaningful.) We have also been awarded the International  2017 Cocoa of Excellence Award in Paris. This is the highest international cocoa competition and is the first time an Australian cocoa producer has been so honoured.