Our Sustainability

 Cocoa seed to chocolate bar journey

 Sustainability strategies 

 Charley's sustainable packaging

                                       Charley’s was designed as an environmentally sustainable business from the start.

We are proudly Australian growers and producers of the finest Australian chocolate. We use premium local Australian ingredients. We recognise and respect the value our people bring to our business. Our  local growers, suppliers, and partners are key to our success. We recognize that we work and live in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area and act to ensure this magnificent resouce is passed on to future generations.    
The journey to the consumer opening a bar of chocolate is a long one. With Charley’s in control of the entire process, consumers can be assured that best practice is adhered to at every step.



Cocoa seed to chocolate bar journey

Sustainability Strategies 

We have given careful thought to researching, refining and implementing sustainable strategies, namely:

-Direct trade relationships with cocoa farmers, ensuring fair prices and better traceability.
-Promote farming practices that eliminate harmful pesticides and protect soil health.
-Energy efficient equipment.
-Waste minimization by optimizing production processes and reusing by products like cocoa shells and husks 
-Supporting research and development into new technologies and farming practices that can further improve sustainability.
-Collaboration with other stakeholders to develop and implement industry-wide sustainability standards.
-Raise awareness about the importance of sustainable chocolate production and encourage consumers to choose chocolate made with sustainable practices.
-Employee well-being and training 
-Sustainable packaging materials.

Packaging is a particular hot button for Charley’s shareholders and customers. Here’s the Charley’s packaging information that comes with every order:

Charley’s packaging and our environmental impact

As a cocoa tree to chocolate bar and cocoa bean to chocolate bar producer, we care very much about the planet and our community. We aim for the highest level of environmentally friendly packaging and to deliver your order safely, without damage or breakage and without melting.

Polystyrene box

Our Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) does not involve ozone depleting CFS’s and CFC’s. EPS is recyclable. Some councils provide a recycling scheme specifically for polystyrene.  These boxes are great for kids’ lunches, picnics, day trips and perfect for keeping icy poles frozen on a hot day!

Zip lock bags

You can reuse these as freezer bags.

Small ice packs
To re-use, put in water then freeze and use them again and again. The packs contain a totally biodegradable, non toxic gel polymer.


Single origin chocolate is wrapped in paper sourced from sustainably managed plantations and recyclable foil. The Chocolate Plus bars come in a see-though BOPP cello wrapper. BOPP stands for biaxially-oriented polypropylene. The biodegradability and non-toxic nature of this film makes it one of the best eco-friendly films and most importantly it is also recyclable.