Tree to bar

“Tree to bar” is the growing of cocoa and making of chocolate in one location. It’s equivalent to ‘paddock to plate’. Charley’s Mount Edna chocolate is tree to bar.

“Single origin” indicates the beans are grown in one specific area, estate or farm. It has a distinctive taste showcasing the unique flavours of that location. The microclimate - the soil, the topography and the weather – sculpt the flavours of that specific batch of beans. Single origin chocolate is richer, more natural and undeniably ‘special’.

Flower blossoms on a coaco tree at Mt Edna plantation

At Charley’s, all our chocolate is single origin bean to bar or the even rarer tree to bar. Our single origins are Shannonvale, northwest of Port Douglas; King Ranch from the Tully River Valley; and Mount Edna from Mission Beach, Queensland. We also source single origin beans from nearby Solomon Island, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.

Chocolate is like fine wine. Just as fine wine relies on high quality grapes, so fine chocolate relies on high quality cocoa beans. Better beans make better chocolate

The bulk beans used by most commercial chocolate manufacturers have few discernible flavours. Individuality is deliberately blended out to produce a standard, uniform taste.

So, if you want superior chocolate with distinctive, authentic flavours choose Charley’s.