Tree to bar

Tree to bar 

Charley's single origin 


Embark on a decadent journey with Charley's, where every bite unfolds a story. We're talking tree-to-bar and single-origin masterpieces, crafted with the finest ingredients and a commitment to ethical practices.  Just as fine wine relies on high quality grapes, so fine chocolate relies on high quality cocoa beans. Better beans make better chocolate.


“Tree to bar”

"Tree to Bar" is the growing of cocoa and making of chocolate in one location. It’s equivalent to ‘paddock to plate’. Charley’s Mount Edna chocolate is tree to bar.


We cultivate the beans, ensuring the highest quality and freshest flavors. Every step, from fermentation to roasting and refining, is done on premise with meticulous care by our passionate team. This enables us to capture the essence of our unique terroir in every bar, creating a chocolate experience unlike any other.  This is why we were recognized with the global Cocoa of Excellence awards in 2017 and 2018. 

"Single Origin"

“Single origin” indicates the beans are grown in one specific area, estate or farm. The beans have a distinctive flavor showcasing the uniqueness of that location. The microclimate of soil, topography and weather sculpt the flavors of that specific batch of beans.

Flower blossoms on a coaco tree at Mt Edna plantation

  Our single origin beans come from our FNQ suppliers from Port Douglass to the Tully River Valley.  Our PNG suppliers provide beans grown on Karkar Island. PNG beans produce single origin chocolate with bold, earthy tones. Our FNQ chocolates show the variations in subtleness of Australian cacao.  Single origin chocolate is undeniably ‘special’. Every bite is a passport to a different chocolate landscape.  In contrast most commercial manufacturers use bulk beans that are blended to produce a standard taste. Cask wine or Grange?


 Charley's is  where tree-to-bar and single-origin come together. We offer a stunning range of chocolates, from the delicate sweetness of our milk chocolate to the intense depth of our 70% dark chocolate. 


More than a treat, it's an experience. Come visit our plantation and see where the story begins. 

             If you want superior chocolate with distinctive, authentic flavours choose Charley’s, such as our  iconic Davidson's plum bar shown below.