Ceremonial Cacao

At Charley’s we have been producing high quality ceremonial cacao since 2019. We use only superior premium cocoa beans from our Australian and Pacific partner growers. All our cocoa is ethically and sustainably grown. 

The entire process from cocoa bean to finished ceremonial cacao takes place at our facility at Mt Edna near Mission Beach in Tropical North Queensland. 

We adhere to the highest Australian Food safety standards under the watchful eye of our Food Safety Supervisor.

All this means that our ceremonial cacao is of the finest, purest quality available anywhere in the world. It means you can buy from us with complete confidence, avoiding all the traps and substantial risks that come with imported product from Central and South America or Africa. 

Our ceremonial cacao comes in 2 kg blocks with prices starting at $51/kg. Minimum order is 10 kg. Shipping is available to anywhere in Australia. For enquiries please call Chris on 07 4068 5011 or email