Charley’s is a private company with shareholders totaling just under 170 as at 2024. 

The shareholder register has evolved since 2012 when the founders sought early investors who each contributed $20,000 plus. The share register was added to with the crowd source funding of 2019.  This attracted 140 new investors. The above video was part of the Crowd Sourcing campaign materials. 

The crowd source campaign raised funds sufficient for the next expansion stage of equipment purchasing, tree plantings, an on premise retail facility and brand building.  Once profitable the Board will have the option to pay dividends to shareholders.

Below is a piece of that equipment purchase - a winnower and husker, sourced from India. 

New Chocolate Winnower

Becoming a shareholder
Shareholder enquiries are always welcome.  Beyond the current expansion, the five year business plan calls for investment in marketing to establish Charley’s Australian Chocolate Centre and selected global expansion. To become a new shareholder an investment of the order of $20,000 is envisaged. Contact Charley's if you are interested.  

Shareholder benefits
Shareholders receive various benefits.

  • Shareholder updates by email, which are hopefully informative and entertaining
  • An invitation to Charley’s Annual General Meeting and shareholder day at Mission Beach, Queensland

Depending on the level of investment, shareholders are eligible for purchase discounts and complementary Charley’s tours.