Davidson's Plum - Dark Chocolate PLUS - Signature Collection

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80.00 Grams

We're proud of being an Australian Company so when we had the chance to make a chocolate using the amazing native Davidson's Plum, we jumped at it.     

Davidson’s Plum grows naturally in the rain forests of the Wet Tropics in northern Australia. Davidson’s Plum is a real bush food (also known as the Australian Rainforest Plum). It’s full of anti oxidants and has an amazing clean tart flavour.  

It combines superbly well with the fruitiness of our award winning Australian grown King Ranch Single Origin Chocolate made from beans grown in the Tully River Valley of Tropical North Queensland. This chocolate bursts with fruit and complements the clean tartness of the plum.

Good dark chocolate has many health giving properties and as Davidson’s Plum has three times the antioxidants of blueberries this makes this chocolate bar a health food!!! (we're not kidding) 

Apart from the taste, this bar looks sensational. Chocolate like you've never seen before.


80gram bar wrapped in clear cello wrapper