Rum and Raisin - Dark Chocolate PLUS -

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85.00 Grams

Rum and Raisin chocolate has been a long time favourite and with good reason, it’s a great taste! So we thought we’d see if we could improve on this. 

We took whole premium Australian raisins and infused them with genuine Queensland (Bundaberg) rum for 3 days. They were then lightly dried to preserve the fine flavour. Costs us a small fortune but well worth it!
A generous amount of these added to our premium single origin dark chocolate produces Rum and Raisin chocolate like you’ve never tasted before. 

The chocolate is a superb dark chocolate hand crafted in Mission Beach, Queensland, from single origin Trinitario/Amazonian cocoa beans from Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. It's bold and earthy with fruity overtones and a great base for Rum and Raisin.

85 gram bar in clear cello wrapper.

$9.95 each