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Charley’s Chocolate Factory – Premium Australian Made Chocolate and Chocolate Tours

When it comes to premium Australian made chocolate, there’s simply nothing like Charley's Chocolate Factory.

Are you looking for high quality, single origin chocolate? Do you want to buy chocolate online that you just can’t find elsewhere? If you’re in the area, maybe you would like to come on our famous chocolate tour, a one-of-a-kind experience that brings chocolate from paddock to plate, or as we like to call it, cocoa tree to chocolate bar. We are also

It’s all here in Charley’s Chocolate Factory, and you’re more than welcome to take a bite - feel free to get in touch with us and find out how to!

+ Home of Extraordinary Chocolate - Home of Extraordinary Chocolate

Chocolate is often referred to as “the food of the gods”, and for a good reason: it’s absolutely divine. But, it has to be made in the right way. In other words, not all chocolate is created equal! Making great chocolate takes time, patience and - above all - premium ingredients.

This is the chocolate you’ll find at Charley’s.

Charley’s Premium Chocolate is amongst the best chocolate in Australia, and, according to some of our customers, perhaps even the world. Here’s what makes our chocolate special:

Proudly Australian Made

We specialise in producing the finest Australian chocolate available. Our premium chocolate is proudly Australian made from “bean to bar” and completely handcrafted here in Queensland. This ensures a level of quality and craftsmanship that most other makers can’t match.

Each bar of chocolate we make is crafted with the love and passion of our chocolate makers, just as every great chocolate should be made. After all, there’s no better chocolate for chocolate lovers than those that are made by chocolate lovers themselves.

Made From High Quality Cocoa Beans

As any proper chocolate maker will tell you, the quality of your chocolate depends largely on the quality of the cocoa beans from which they were made. The better the cocoa beans, the better the chocolate.

At Charley’s, we use only the best quality cocoa beans to make our premium chocolate. We never compromise on quality, and we use only beans that have passed our high standards. If they don’t make the grade, we don’t make chocolate from them, simple!

The cocoa beans that we use only come from our own plantations, other reliable growers in Australia and from Pacific Islands like Vanuatu, Solomons and Papua New Guinea. In Australia cocoa grows only in a narrow coastal strip of Tropical North Queensland. It’s no coincidence, therefore, that this area is also our home. We know high quality cocoa beans matter, and so this is where we’ve set up Charley’s home, right in our cocoa plantation.

Made the Way Chocolate Should Be

Making chocolate is equal parts art, craft and skill. As simple (and delicious) as a bar of chocolate may seem, it actually takes a lot of time and effort to get from paddock to plate. (or cocoa tree to chocolate bar as we do).

That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to making chocolate the way that it should be made – with patience, expertise, and, above all, passion. This results in chocolate that quite simply is another level of taste experience than those from grocery stores and supermarkets. There are no shortcuts to making true premium chocolate.

Our chocolate journey begins with harvesting the ripe cocoa pods from our plantation (if grown locally) and then fermenting and drying the beans. Beans from our other growers are carefully quality checked before we start production.

We then proceed to the other stages of chocolate making, which includes the initial roasting, cracking, and winnowing of the cocoa beans. The resulting cocoa nibs are then ground, conched and tempered for moulding into bars.

Every stage of this process is carefully monitored, as quality can’t be left to chance. Since we started making fine chocolate, we’ve learned what techniques work best for each origin bean, which is how we get the optimum flavour profile.

What we end up with, is premium bean to bar chocolate that we are incredibly proud to share with you. We know you’ll have a fantastic taste experience.

+ Chocolate Value Packs - Chocolate Value Packs

If you really love chocolate, then you know that one chocolate bar is never enough. This is especially true when it comes to premium Australian chocolate like ours. We know it, our customers know it, and, soon, you will too (if you don’t already).

That’s why we offer Chocolate Value Packs that make buying multiple bars an easy choice. With 3-pack and 6-pack options for our chocolate varieties, you’ll be able to stock up on your favourites as well as enjoy worthwhile savings.

These chocolate packs also make the perfect gifts for family and friends. Of course when you’re ready to spoil yourself, they’re perfect gifts for yourself too!

+ Charley’s Chocolate Tours - Charley’s Chocolate Tours

To those who truly love chocolate, eating it simply isn’t enough (although it’s undoubtedly the most enjoyable part). Knowing how chocolate is made is also important, not to mention very interesting. This not only educates you on the relationship between cocoa and chocolate, but also gives you a better appreciation of what chocolate goes through to get to you.

If you want to really know and understand chocolate, then you should come on one of our famous chocolate tours. Even if you’re only a bit curious about how chocolate is made, our highly informative – and delicious – tour will take you on a chocolate journey that guarantees you’ll never think of chocolate the same way again.

Almost everyone has eaten chocolate, however almost no one has seen cocoa growing. This is why Charley’s Chocolate Tours are unique to Australia.

You’ll learn how our chocolate gets from cocoa tree to chocolate bar, from paddock to plate, or bean to bar. It’s a comprehensive chocolate experience, one that not only teaches you the fascinating history of cocoa, but also allows you to experience every stage of the chocolate making process. Walk through our cocoa tree plantation, see (and smell) chocolate production first-hand, and, of course, taste ingredients and samples of the finished product.

This is a one-of-a-kind tour that will definitely satisfy any chocolate enthusiast. When we say it’s special, we really mean it. There are only three tours like this in the world, with ours being the only one in Australia and the other two in Hawaii. So when you come on our tour, you can bet that you’re in for something truly extraordinary.

Currently the tours run every Thursday and some Fridays (depending on availability) at our plantation at the foot of Mt. Edna near Mission Beach in Tropical North Queensland

Other Products

Although we specialise in premium Australian chocolate, we also have some other high quality products for you to enjoy:

Sulphur Free Dried Fruit

Charley’s dried fruits is something we’re tremendously proud of. These dried fruits are 100% natural, with absolutely no additives, colours, or preservatives added. They contain just the fruit itself, which is how you want your dried fruits to be.

Processed food labelled as “natural” or “healthy” often contains sulphites, but you’ll see no such chemicals in our dried fruits. Instead, our fruits are dried naturally, exposed to low heat over a period of two days. This not only preserves their vitamins and minerals, but also their freshness and flavour.

If you like to pair your chocolates with a healthy and delicious snack, look no further than our dried fruits. Selections include dried mangoes, navel oranges and a tropical fruit mix.

Cocoa Gifts

When you want to give a chocolate lover a truly special gift, premium chocolate bars may not be enough (although it definitely helps). In times like these, we may have what you need.

Our store offers cocoa and chocolate related gifts that any chocolate lover will surely appreciate. These are items that you’ll also hardly find anywhere else.

We have a Cocoa Paper Notebook, for example, whose paper was made from recycled cocoa waste. Then there’s our Cocoa Tea Towel, which features artwork from artist Julie McEnery that’s been printed onto a high quality linen.

Many people also give a Charley’s Chocolate Tour as a very welcome gift. Finally, if you’re unsure, a gift voucher is the perfect answer.


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