Milk Chocolate Tropical Tasting Pack

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255.00 Grams

A great way to taste the Milk Chocolate Varieties.

This pack contains 3 bars:

Karkar Island Papua New Guinea - Milk Chocolate 52 % Cocoa

This milk chocolate is made from single origin cocoa beans from Karkar Island, a small volcanic island off the north coast of Papua New Guinea. They produce a very fruity milk chocolate that has a luscious, rich caramel finish. 

Mount Edna Tropical North Queensland - Milk Chocolate 60% Cocoa Content

This is an amazingly complex milk chocolate is made from award winning Queensland grown single origin cocoa beans from our own plantation.The result is an indulgent rich and creamy chocolate that showcases the full flavour of these very special beans. 

Tropical Pineapple- Milk Chocolate Plus

The complex and rich Mount Edna Milk Chocolate teams perfectly with the gentle acidity of Queensland Pineapple to create an truly amazing tropical taste sensation.

3 x 80g to 85g bars.