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We’re here to share with you our passion for Charley’s chocolates and tell you about our latest activities,


We’ll share our cocoa story; bring to life cocoa’s history from the Aztec days; explore cocoa regions; and assess the ideal growing conditions for cocoa.  We’ll illuminate our cocoa processing methods and give simple explanations on cocoa and chocolate research and on associated environmental and human rights issues.


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Book a Charley’s tour. It’s easy and we have helpful hints about what to expect as well as customer reviews. 


Share our amazing journey from our origins as cocoa growers to making our award-winning chocolate. Meet our amazing partners - our suppliers, our retailers and researchers. Get the inside story on our involvement in the communities of Far North Queensland and Papua New Guinea.


Our web site offers an interactive poll with intriguing questions as well as the popular “Ask Charley” section. 

We have blogs on topics from fermentation, veganism and gluten free to chocolate and sugar. We canvass ideas about sustainability and innovation.

Macadamia Praline Plus Dark Chocolate - new product photography for updated website

Capital raising 

In late 2019, Charley’s successfully completed a crowd funding capital raising, adding another 150 shareholders. To support the capital raising, we used an online platform Birchal, an Australian leader in crowd source funding for specialty retail brands. We were a good candidate with our consumer appeal of ‘most people love chocolate’. To reward our investors, we offer discounts on purchases and complimentary access to Charleys tours.


Manufacturing upgrades 

On the manufacturing side, we’re using capital raised to increase tree plantings and purchase additional processing and manufacturing facilities.  Follow our pictorial journey from installing a second MMU to a manufacturing compound.  

Modular Manufacturing Unit upgrade progress

Brand building 

We want Charley’s to be a recognized as the premium brand that we are. This takes effort and support from our customers.  We also want Charley’s to be recognized for its community support.  We engaged a well-known local artist, Kim Rayner, to provide a series of uniquely FNQ works that will enhance our glam new packaging.   

See details about Kim and the artworks at  the Charley's Blog