AGM week 2023 at Charley's

Posted by Ruth Medd on 22nd Nov 2023

AGM week 2023 at Charley's

AGM week at Charley’s?

Charley’s AGM was held on Friday 27th October. The additional highlight of the AGM was the presence of the Better Homes and Gardens team.  They spent the morning at Charley’s shooting the cocoa growing and chocolate making process. Chris and Veronica starred. The segment is expected to air in March / April 2024 (7pm Fridays on Channel 7).

Better Homes and Gardens with Johanna Griggs, AM and Charlie Albone and the crew in the plantation at Charley’s

Charley’s AGM was held on Friday 27th October at Mission Beach with Zoom access available. 15 shareholders attended with 7 apologies. 

At the AGM, shareholder asked a number of questions, including where Charley’s is available? The answer is Charley’s is available in Queensland retail outlets, tourism properties and Cairns’s airport. But we have limited outlets in NSW and VIC, which is a point for attention going forward. There were a number of questions about the financial report and the need for cash going forward. A growing business needs access to cash for working capital and other expenditures. Thew board agreed an expansion strategy at its strategy session in AGM week.

CACAO seminar on October 24 and 25 was a great success. Check their website at

Free membership of CACAO is open for chocolate lovers.

Charley’s board meeting welcomed Advisory Board members Rona Morgan and Sarah Richardson.

Charley’s Art

Charley's has taken delivery of a new work by Kim Rayner. Rona Morgan, Advisory Board member is showing the work Look out for art in the shop

                      Enjoy the art. the packaging and our sophisticated FNQ grown chocolate!