Wholesale Info

Wholesale Information

We now supply selected retailers and cafe's with our Premium Chocolate.

Our chocolate will suit your customers that are looking for an authentic Australian taste experience. Chocolate featuring our clear product labeling and amazing selection of premium ingredients will add to your product offering.

Our existing re-sellers report extraordinary repeat purchases. All this makes Charley's a winner for you.

To find out more call us on 07 4068  5011 or by email  wholesale@charley's.com.au 

Product Information.

All our chocolate is handcrafted in Mission Beach Queensland. We only use the cocoa beans themselves, Australian Sugar, top quality natural cocoa butter and a small amount of soy lecithin to make all our chocolate.

We do  not use additives such as palm oil, artificial flavours, colours, or anything else. For our PLUS range we insist on the same high standards for the ingredients such a macadamias, coffee etc. plus we only use Australian products.   

Single Origin Chocolate

Single Origin is the ”single vineyard fine wine” equivalent of the chocolate world. Beans are carefully selected from some of the best plantations tended by the best growers in Australia and the Western Pacific.

Dark Chocolate  PLUS 

This range has a fantastic visual impact that translates into “buy me” appeal few other products can match

All made from Trinitario/Amazonian cocoa beans from Karkar Island Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. The flavour is strong and bold and so makes an ideal base for the PLUS range.