Chocolate as an ingredient, changing flavours, chocolate sustainability, chocolate’s health benefits … Would you like to explore some burning questions about all things chocolate? You may be surprised by some of the research and options. Have your say in our latest poll.

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Will you be giving up chocolate for Lent?

Whether you're a practising Christian or not many people still like to abstain from certain treats during Lent. One of the quintessential luxuries to sacrfice is chocolate. However in recent years people are turning more and more to other vices such as social media. Will you be giving up our favourite treat this Lent?

Can dark chocolate improve your mood?

New research by scientists from the Korea Food Research Institute and Chungnam National University suggests that 85% dark chocolate has prebiotic effects which may in turn improve mood via the gut-brain axis.


Daily consumption of dark chocolate significantly reduced negative affect in the group which consumded 85% chocolate daily.

Source: Sci-news

Is lab grown chocolate the future of the cocoa industry?

Globally chocolate consumption is increasing but production is decreasing. Since 2018 industry experts have been warning of a "chocapocaylpse" - a global cocoa shortage. 

With most of the world's cocoa grown in areas affected by climate change, humanitarian issues and political instability some producers are looking for radical solutions.  Researchers at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) have developed a technique for growing chocolate in a laboratory, which would be more environmentally friendly. 

Do you think lab grown cocoa is the way forward? Or should be working towards small scale, sustainable farming? Vote below!

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Caffeine: Chocolate VS Coffee

Yes, that tasty bit of Charley's chocolate you're about to eat does indeed contain caffeine. But if you're looking for a caffeine boost you might grab a cup of coffee instead. Chocolate contains caffeine just like coffee. Dark chocolate has more caffeine than milk chocolate, but not that much: you'd shave to eat round four 40g bars to get the same buzz as a regular 8oz cup of joe.

Welcome to the Dark Side?

More and more consumers are going to the dark side. In fact, dark chocolate has seen 20 percent global growth since. While it has taken many consumers a while to embrace the stronger bitter taste that dark chocolate had now 70 percent either love it or like it.


Have you joined the Dark Side, or are you faithful to Milk?

Can chocolate be made from unroasted beans?

As the craft chocolate market becomes stronger and stronger we're seeing more variations and innovations in chocolate bars. Chocolate made with unroasted beans is the latest trend with chocolatiers like Coco Caravan leading the charge.


Raw purists think roasting cocoa beans interferes with the flavour, roasters think raw chocolate isn’t really chocolate.’  


Would you be game to try unroasted chocolate?

Are you crazy for Caramilk?

Over the past year Aussies have gone crazy for the popular Cadbury's Caramilk bar. The caramelised white chocolate has proven to be so popular it was recently launched in the UK to rival the longstanding Nestle Caramac. British supermarket chain Marks & Spencer have also unveiled their Golden Blond Chocolate Bar. 


Are you fan of this caramel treat, or do you prefer your traditional milk and dark chocolate? Vote below!