Dark Chocolate PLUS - Cocoa Nib Brittle

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CP1- NiB
90.00 Grams
Dark Chocolate PLUS Cocoa Nib Brittle

Cocoa Nibs are the inside of the Cocoa Bean, this is what chocolate is made from.

We had been experimenting with various combination for our new PLUS varieties when we started combining rousted nibs with the brittle mixture. Early results were a bit disappointing, but then we hit just the right recipe. The rest is history, everyone who has tasted it loved it.

A generous amount of the Nib Brittle added to our premium single origin dark chocolate produces a chocolate like you’ve never tasted before. 

The chocolate is a superb dark chocolate hand crafted in Mission Beach, Queensland, from single origin Trinitario/Amazonia cocoa beans from Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. It's bold and earthy with fruity overtones and a great base for Rum and Raisin.

90 gram bar in clear cello wrapper.

$9.95 each