You are invited to be part of the Stage 2 growth of Charley’s Chocolate Factory. 

Charley's Chocolate Factory has been producing award winning Australian grown and made chocolate since 2015.  However for the last 12 months we have been struggling to make enough chocolate. 

Stage 2 changes all that . BUT we need your help. 

Stage 2 enables production to go from 600 to the 2000 bars per week, which is what we need to meet current demand.  The building (Chocolate Factory) is in place and operational what we need now is higher capacity chocolate making equipment.It will also enable us to produce milk and white chocolate and other exciting varieties.  Plus, as a bonus, chocolate tour guests will then be able to see the chocolate making process "live". 

How to help out! (and get Chocolate delivered to your door) 

Just choose a chocolate reward and pay for it at checkout. We’ll send out a confirmation certificate and then deliver your chocolate at the end of May. In return for waiting until May for your chocolate you get a nice discount and the satisfaction of helping Charley’s Chocolate Factory go to the next stage 

$29      A huge Thank You and  Supporters  Certificate 

$59      Indulgence pack 6 bars. Valued at up to $71.65 (choice of Single origin, PLUS or Mixed) plus cocoa nibs Posted free anywhere in Australia 

$195    Mega Chocolate pack. Valued at up to $216.95 For the serious chocolate lover. Includes 20 bars of chocolate (choice of Single origin, PLUS or Mixed) plus cocoa nibs. Posted free anywhere in Australia 

$495    A year of chocolate: Valued at up to $589.20. 52 bars in total (choice of Single origin, PLUS or Mixed) plus cocoa nibs sent out in 4 packs, one every three months. Posted free anywhere in Australia.   

To see the contents of each pack click here

The target for the 2018 Charley’s Chocolate Factory Crowdfunding campaign is:

Amount so far after 23 days is: $5621

The amount figure is updated once every 24 hours. So your contribution will be included in the next update.